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Pongpat Riangkruar — consultant

Pongpat Riangkruar has had a distinguished career as an attorney and senior government official in Thailand.  For more than 35 years he served the Government of Thailand as a legal officer, as a State Attorney, and as a Public Prosecutor.  Mr. Riangkruar has represented the Thai Government in different international activities including, in 2000-2002, serving on the Thai delegation to United Nations Headquarters in Vienna for the negotiation on the United Nations Convention against Corruption (entered into force in 2003.)

After leaving the Attorney General’s Office of Thailand in 2004, Pongpat worked for the Ministry of Justice providing legal advice to justice ministers and organizations. He also served as the Ministry’s Chief Knowledge Officer, responsible for the education and training of over 30,000 staffers, and he is passionate about helping his country build capacity at all levels of government and in the private sector. From 2004–2014, while working for the Ministry of Justice, Pongpat also worked as a member of Thailand’s Office of Security Exchange, serving on the Steering Committee for Corporate Governance and Accounting.  

Pongpat led Thai efforts to partner with Illinois Tech’s Chicago-Kent College of Law to offer legal education and training to Thai attorneys and judges, including members of Thailand's Court of Justice. Pongpat has been appointed as the President of both the Illinois Tech Thailand Alumni Chapter and the IIT Chicago-Kent Thailand Alumni Association. Recently, Pongpat served as the chairman of KC Property Public Company’s board directors. KC is a listed public company in the real estate business.  As an independent Legal Advisor, Pongpat assists global investors. He is an advisor and partner at Opus International Law, a British Law Firm in Bangkok and recently joined the Baqian Law Group Consultancy (Thailand) as Partner and Managing Director.

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